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Black Tip Diving is dedicated to environmental protection and conservation. We would like to take this space to highlight various aquatic concerns. Please check this page regularly, as the feature topic will be updated recurrently. If there are any topics you would like us to address, please let us know.

At a time when we are putting a large strain on our natural resources and the price of fuel is rising higher and higher, there is an alternative; bio diesel. Bio diesel is a clean burning alternative fuel that is made from renewable resources such as cooking oil, soaps and candles made with tallow and even insects. Bio diesel does not contain any petroleum, although, it can be combined with petroleum at any percentage or used independently.

Bio diesel helps preserve and protect natural resources. For every one unit of energy needed to produce bio diesel, 3.24 units of energy are gained. This is the highest energy balance of any fuel. Because of this high energy balance and since it is domestically produced, bio diesel use can greatly contribute to domestic energy security.

The advantages of bio diesel are numerous for our health, the environment and the machines it is used in. Because bio diesel has a higher lubricity than petroleum diesel it helps engines and machine parts to last longer.

Studies have shown there to be a significant decrease in the amounts of poisonous gases when bio diesel is used. Tests have shown that the carbon monoxide emissions from bio diesel are 48% lower than that of regular diesel. This is good news for divers who spend long surface intervals on the boat and may be breathing in the exhaust from the engines. Bio diesel could lessen the threat of monoxide poisoning which is a serious risk for divers.

Hydrocarbon emissions, which cause localized smog, are also lessened by approximately 67%. And sulfur emissions, which are a major component of acid rain, are nearly eliminated. The U.S. Department of Energy found that bio diesel produces 78.5% less carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming.

Bio diesel is non toxic, non explosive and bio degradable. It can be produced and stored in your home without worry. You can make it in your own kitchen with ingredients you probably already have around your house.

Bio diesel is already being used in Europe, America and being tested for use in places such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. In some places it is being sold publicly. It can be used with your existing diesel engine with little or no modification.

Here at Black Tip we plan to use a bio diesel mix for use in our boats and generator. We can collect cooking oil, candles and soaps and produce our own bio diesel. This is an important method for Koh Tao, where everything must be shipped from the mainland. This is another way for us to recycle our wastes on the island.

For more information about bio diesel or to learn how to make your own, please contact the Coastal Preservation and Development (CPAD) Foundation.


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