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Discount IDC 25,000 Baht


PADI Courses
Discover Scuba Diving 2,000 Baht
Scuba Diver 7,000 Baht
Open Water Silver 9,800 Baht
Open Water Gold 10,800 Baht
Advanced Open Water Silver 8,500 Baht
Advanced Open Water Gold 9,800 Baht
Emergency First Response 3,500 Baht
Rescue Diver Silver 9,500 Baht
Rescue Diver Gold 10,000 Baht
Photography 4,500 Baht
Enriched Air Nitrox 6,500 Baht
Navigation 6,000 Baht
Deep Diver 7,600 Baht
Deep & Nitrox Package 12,100 Baht
Go Pro
Dive Master 25,000 Baht
Assistant Instructor US$ 385
Master Scuba Diver ask for details
Instructor ask for details
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Follow the adventures of Ting, Tong and Tip

The PADI Dive master course is an entry to the professional levels of diver training.  The course is designed to develop leadership skills, increase dive knowledge and improve dive skills to a professional level.

There are three phases to complete during the Dive master training:

  1. Dive knowledge and theory:  Through classroom discussions and independent study you will learn about diving related physics, diving related physiology, equipment, diving skills and the environment, supervising certified divers, assisting student divers, recreational dive planning, emergency protocol and mapping dive sites.
  2. Water skills and stamina:  Candidates will perform a variety of  swim tests to test their endurance and physical fitness.  You will also learn how to demonstrate dive skills at an instructor level.
  3. Practical application:  Candidates will complete an internship during which you will assist on courses, lead dive tours and guide DM conducted programs.

As a certified and renewed Dive master some of the duties you will be able to perform are:

  • Lead dive tours.
  • Assist teaching status PADI instructors with courses.
  • Independently teach and certify Dive master conducted programs.

To enroll in the Dive master course you must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Be certified as a PADI Rescue diver or equivalent
  3. Have 20 logged dives.

We offer package and discounted prices for materials  The cost of the Dive master program does not include the materials, but does include an opportunity to log 60 dives which are necessary to certify as a Dive master.  Those who are interested may also complete the DSD leadership program at no extra cost.  The DSD leadership program allows qualified Dive masters to independently teach Discover Scuba Diving programs.                                
30,000 baht

Due to new PADI standards, effective 1 January 2012, all student divers must have in their possession a set of current materials for study and use during the course and for reference afterwards.  Dive Master Trainees must have the following:

Dive Master manual 1,174 1,115
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving 1,646 1,546
Knowledge Review Workbook 682 648
Dive master slates 1,259 1,196
DSD Instructor Guides 284 270
Skin Diver/Snorkeling Instr. Guide 284 270
Scuba Review/Local Diving Instr. Guide 284 270
ERDP ML 1,034 982
RDP Table 641 609
Package price for above materials 7,288 6,924
Compass Ask for details
Dive Tool Ask for details
Timing Device Ask for details
Safety Sausage Ask for details
U/W slate Ask for details
Whistle Ask for details

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) prepares candidates to work as Assistant Instructors and/or Open Water Scuba Instructors.  The PADI IDC combines previously learned dive theory and skills with additional training so that you may implement the PADI system while teaching in the classroom and confined or open water environments.  The PADI IDC begins with independent learning and encompasses both the Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program. 

Candidates wishing to enroll in the AI/OWSI programs must:

  1. Be certified as a PADI Dive master or hold a leadership level certification with another recreational diver training organization in order to enroll in the AI course.  Be certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor or as a current instructor member in good standing with another recreational diver training organization for at least 6 months in order to enroll in the OWSI course.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Be fit for diving and submit a medical statement for a diving medical examination signed by a licensed physician within the last 12 months.
  4. Have been certified for at least 6 months and have 60 logged dives showing experience in deep, night and navigation diving.
  5. Submit proof of CPR and First Aid training within the last 24 months.
  6. Submit documentation of any qualifying certification issued by another recreation diver training organization.

Prior to starting AI/OWSI programs, candidates should prepare independently by reviewing dive theory, practicing dive skills and completing the necessary knowledge reviews in the Instructor Candidate Workbook.  Black Tip offers IDC candidates a chance to assist on courses, lead fun dives and practice dive skills prior to the start of the IDC.

Sample IDC Schedule

DAY 1 Course Orientation
DAY 2 - 5 AI/Prep
DAY 6 - 12 IDC
DAY 13 Mock IE and Final Counseling
DAY 14 Free Day
DAY 16 Free Day
DAY 17 - 18 IE

OWSI and IDC program will be conducted by Aram “Ko Dam” Limsakul, PADI Course Director and the Thai owner of Black Tip  Throughout the training Ko Dam places a strong emphasis on diver safety and environmental protection.  He will teach you ways to incorporate these messages into your training when you will have students of your own.  Ko Dam also focuses on real life training; not just how to pass the IDC.  You will learn how to best teach in a variety or environments and situations.

All of our packages include free DM theory preparation of knowledge and dive skills, free marine ecology workshop, opportunity to dive and assist on course before IDC starts, IE pass guarantee, hands on experience with teaching kids and hands on experience to conduct your own reef or coral check. 

We also offer discounted "early bird prices".  In order to take advantage of the early bird price you must pay a 30% deposit at least 2 weeks in advance. 10% of the deposit will be non refundable.

Dive Theory Prep FREE
AI 385 310
OWSI + EFRI 860 774
(Gold Package)
1,250 1,000
(includes instructor outlines + u/w training)
120 100
(includes EANX diver plus 10 tanks)
300 270

MSDT Option 1 (Platinum package) Ask for detail
MSDT Option 2 (Platinum package) Ask for detail
IDC Staff (includes 3 evaluation slates) 400 320
EFR Instructor 255 205
DAN Instructor (O2/HMLI) 170 155
DAN Instructor (AED) 205 185

Candidates must also have the following materials:

Candidate Workbook 2,317 2,202
Instructor Manual 7,749 7,361
Confined OW cue cards 1,561 1,483
OW Training Cue Cards 1,080 1,026
Confined Lesson Planning Slates 484 460
OW Lesson Planning Slates 484 460
DSD Instr. Cue Card 278 264
AOW Instr. Cue Card 1,419 1,348
Rescue Instr. Cue Card 2,262 2,149
Project AWARE Instr. Outline 612 581
PPB Instr. Outline 612 581
Coral Reef Conservation Outline 612 581
OW quiz & exam 314 298
Rescue Exam 201 191
DM Exams 333 316
TOTAL 20,318 19,301

As the above items are instructor tools we assume most candidates will not have these materials already, this is why we offer them as a package.  The below items are also required by PADI standards, but we assume that most candidate will already have these items in their possession from prior training courses.

Diving Knowledge Workbook 682 648
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving 1,646 1,564
Table 641 609
ERDP ML 1,034 982
Open Water Diver Manual 1,625 1,544
Adventures in Diving Manual 1,801 1,711
Rescue Diver Manual 1,737 1,650
Divemaster Manual 1,174 1,115
Pocket Mask 510 459

We understand that due to luggage allowance, many candidates do not want to bring their own manuals with them.  We will have the student diver manuals available for reference throughout the IDC.

Other additional fees you will have to pay are the Instructor Examination fee which is currently AU$675 and the Instructor Application Fee which is AU$170. These fees are payable directly to PADI and they do not accept cash, so you will need either Visa, Master Card or American Express.

Candidates will also need a calculator (can't be a mobile phone), a timing device that can count seconds, a compass and an underwater writing slate. Candidates also need their own complete set of fully functioning equipment.

We also have these packages available.
Prices are in US Dollars.

DM + AI 960
DM + EFRI 870
DM + AI + EFRI 1,190
DM + IDC + EFRI (option 1) 1,595
DM + IDC + EFRI (option 2) 1,670

There are several option for doing your Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT). Option 1 can be done in a shorter time period and is recommend if you already have a job lined up with a dive shop.  Otherwise, option 2 allows you to do a work internship at our dive resort. It gives you the opportunity to gain work experience under supervision and to obtain 25 certifications.

January 23-25 February 20-22 March 15-17 April 28-30
May 27-29 June 23-25 July 14-16 August 18-20
September 8-10 October 13-15 November 17-19 December 15-17

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